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11 March 2009


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Thank you for the intro to North Korean music! I hope many will find it useful. Like you say, the music is certainly unique and can be pleasant to listen to.

I actually lived in North Korea for a while as a child and remember well Pochonbo songs which were on the tv and radio a lot, as well as marsches etc that were played on loudspeakers all over Pyongyang.

I had just found a library of all their songs and downloaded it - was looking for the iTunes images of the CDs :-)

North Korea is a VERY misunderstood country. It is not near as hostile as media is claiming right now.

It might not be great on human rights, but many people live normal decent lives and are supporters of North Koreas unique philosophy and it's independence.

Please take time to form your own opinion and do not take everything you hear about North Korea at face value. There is plenty of disinformation around.

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